Activity Warnings

You have 24 hours to post or message the main or you will be removed from the group.

Izzie Stevens - 1 week inactivity.
Charlie Watson - 4 days inactivity.
Addison Montgomery - 5 days inactivity.
Cooper Freedman - 6 days inactivity.
Julia Nichols - 2 weeks inactivity.
Lauren Boswell - 5 days inactivity.

We are going to be tougher with activity as we have been quite lenient. If you are not on for 3 days you will get a warning, if you don’t message us within 24 hours you will be removed from the group. If you’re in the group and you’ve read this, like it so we know you understand.

Katie has decided to leave us due to personal reasons, we’ll miss you Katie!

Admin Note

Ashley (Mallory and Morgan) currently has no internet, so she will be off for a little while, not sure exactly how long yet, but I’m hoping she’ll be back with us soon!

Anonymous sent: How can someone reserve a character if it's anonymous. You don't know who to wait for then do you?

If you read our rules it explains that all reservations will be kept for 24 hours. Even if we do not know who the person is, once the 24 hours has passed from when we have posted the request the reservation will be lifted. It’s always easier if the person comes off anon to tell us but we don’t exactly have control over that.

Anonymous sent: Will Owen Hunt be required to be with Cristina Yang or is he allowed to be with anyone in the group?

He is allowed to be with anyone in the group! Currently, our Cristina is with Jackson.

Anonymous sent: may I reserve Teddy Altman, please?

Yes you may! 

Hi everyone! Come check us out, we are a Grey’s Anatomy RPG set after the season 9 finale. We have great active members that would love to role play with you. Our most desired characters at the moment are Owen Hunt, Alex Karev and Teddy Altman. We would also LOVE to see some original characters around here. 

sgmwroleplay-deactivated2013093 sent: Hi can we get a shot out? We are a Grey's Anatomy rpg set a year after the season 8 finale. Mark and Lexie are still alive. Most of our characters are open !!

[Also, turn on your ask box please! :) Thank you!]

Arizona Robbins accepted!

Congratulations, Britt! Welcome to the RP. Your app was AMAZING - we totally loved it. Please make your account and send us a link within 24 hours to ensure your role!

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I’m am here updating the recap blog and adding a few more graphics so if everyone could send me info about what is going on with their character that would be extremely helpful. Also people can send in suggestions for roles that they would like to see added to our list of open characters. I would love to make graphics for our most desired characters. 


Anonymous sent: applying for arizona!

We look forward to seeing your app anon!

grey-sloan-memorial-rp sent: Hello, beautiful people!! This is a new Grey’s Anatomy Role Play Group set after season 9 finale. All characters are open and awaiting role players!! We can’t wait to have people join us. Could you give us a shout out and help us get more people, please? This will be so very much appreciated. :) –Admin Katy